Gallery Wrapped Canvases and Prints

Nationally renowned artist Alan Shuptrine has created a limited edition of gallery wrapped canvases to choose from! Printed on the finest quality canvas, these limited edition signed reproductions of Nationally renowned artist Alan Shuptrine are on 1.5 inch quality wood stretchers, hand-signed on the side, and wax sealed.

Order yours special piece of art today for home , hospitality, office or corporate collections.

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Mist and Lace, 30×36 inched, wrapped art canvas, by Alan Shuptrine against hand-hewn wood wall.
Gourds 30 X 40 inches, the perfect addition to home decor.



Gallery Wall Of Limited Edition Alan Shuptrine Art Canvases .


Below are Shuptrine’s selected images to purchase through Paypal. Prices and sizes are shown below, tax and shipping/handling will be added to your order. Your order will be shipped 3 to 4 weeks after transaction.

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CADENCE by Alan Shuptrine

“I have always been inspired seemingless endless waves of evergreens, that tower over litte towns and homesteads in the Appalachian Mountains. There us a peculiar rhythm here, unlike any other rugged terrain, a cadence for whichlife subsists and passess its bounty to the next generation.” -Alan Shuptrine


Cadence 30 X 30 inches $1300
Cadence 36 x 36 inches $1600

ETERNAL by Alan Shuptrine

Eternal 24 x 36 inches $1600

FALLING by Alan Shuptrine

“High above it begins with only a trickle falling off of  moss-covered rock but further down the mountain, it gathers all of its memories int a cool deep creek”Alan Shuptrine

Cadence 36 x 36 inches $1600

LATE SNOW by Alan Shuptrine

Late Snow 11 x 14 inches $275

Late Snow 20 x 14 inches $700

INTO THE CLEARING by Alan Shuptrine

“I’ve hiked a mile already this morning, throughan endledd tunnel of mountain laurel, rhododendron, an mist. As I approach the mountain top, the sun greets me there, amd I’m suddenly into the clearing”Alan Shuptrine

Into the clearing 11 x 14 inches $275

Into the clearing 20 x 14 inches $700

MIST AND LACE by Alan Shuptrine

Mist and Lace 16 x 20 inches $500

Mist and Lace 32 x 40 icnhes $1600

GRACE by Alan Shuptrine

Grace 16 x 20 inches $500

Grace 30 x 40 inches  $1600

GOURDS by Alan Shuptrine

Gourds 30 x 40 inches $1600

TENURE by Alan Shuptrine 

“The barrel is being put to rest after being back and forth from Scotland, used for 225 years. It was haunting seeing her alone, against the sooted walls, still very strong after her travels, nicely aged…….. now wating to to go to a rest area. She (the barrel), is charred inside for fine scotch or whiskey, and has been reconditioned for years. The sooted walls behind her show where deep scratched are made when ll the barrels are out into the storage as they roll them in for their 5/10/20 year holding area”Alan Shuptrine

Tenure 30 x 40 inches  $1600

BELOVED by Alan Shuptrine

Beloved  40 x 60 inches $2500

CELTIC MIST by Alan Shuptrine

Celtic mist 24 x 48 inches  $1600