Alan Shuptrine: I Come From A Place is an exhibition of over 80 Appalachian-themed watercolors by nationally recognized artist, Alan Shuptrine.  This new exhibition will celebrate coming home, a sense of place.   Shuptrine absorbs the Appalachian landscape with sentimental eyes and nurturing accountability.  His paintings resonate with the voice of the mountains, and taps into our homesickness, uncovers the images of our elusive dreams of home; for ourselves and our Appalachian brethren with Celtic roots.  History has revealed that when the 18th Century settlers arrived on our eastern shores, they quickly moved inland to where the mountains towered over wide fertile valleys and the rugged landscape looked somehow familiar.  They were actually coming home to the very same mountains they had left an ocean away.  We know this because of a dark green vein of serpentine mineral found both in the Appalachian Mountains, as well as in Great Britain.  This concept of where you seek comfort and what provides you with a “sense of place” is the premise for I Come From A Place.   The definition of home is that the feeling of contentment and peacefulness which settles in your soul.   The idea that you come from a place and you feel attached, bound to the land.   This exhibition is currently being planned for 2020.

Coffee Table Book

Collaborating with New York Times Best-Selling author, Jennifer Pharr Davis, Alan Shuptrine’s first coffee table book will accompany this exhibit. Also titled, I Come From A Place,   the thematic book will contain Shuptrine’s images as well as Pharr Davis’ prose.  Pharr Davis is the current world record holder for the fastest supported hike on the Appalachian Trail.  Like Shuptrine, she has lived among the Appalachian Mountains all of her life and her numerous journeys have deepened her understanding of herself and the place she calls home.  The launch of the book is being planned for Fall, 2019.