A TRUE RENNAISSANCE EXPERIENCE!  Learn the methods of water gilding in Florence, Italy!

The art of water gilding with gold leaf is an ancient technique, perfected over hundreds of years.
Join master craftsman, Alan Shuptrine, as he teaches this ancient, time-honored craft. Students
will learn the historical background of water gilding, prior to creating their own water gilded
frame. The necessary steps and techniques will be studied, and students will use a hands-on
approach throughout the week. The preparation of the wood, including applications of rabbit
skin glue, dry-ground gesso, and burnishing bole will be taught. The application of gold leaf
using the water method will be covered in depth, as well as techniques of burnishing and
patination. Finally, students will learn the centuries – old art of sgraffito to enhance their frame.  At the end of the class, students will leave with their own gilded and finished cassetta style

The class structure will consist of 5 days, Monday – Friday, from 9am – 2pm, with a midday lunch break. The morning will begin with class discussion and instruction of the day’s techniques and then
students will work on their projects with observation and individual guidance provided. Midweek, the class will leave the classroom for a guided tour of the Uffizi Gallery to view, firsthand,
exquisite examples of gilding, frame decorations, mirrors, and gilded objects d’art. The
week will culminate with students having their own gilded frame, but more importantly the
knowledge of how to create their own water gilded frames in the future.

For questions and to register, please visit https://www.florenceacademyofart.com/workshops/16_water-gilding/

water gilding with master craftsman alan shuptrine

florence academy of art
florence, italy
September 12th - 16th, 2022